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A Series on Jesus Christ

Jesus. Who is he? What is he like? Where did he come from? When did he come? Why did he come to us and why does it matter? 

These five basic questions form the basis of this five part series on Jesus Christ. Preached between September and October of 2018, this series tackles a number of things most people have never considered before, especially just how pervasive he was as a character in the Old Testament. Culminating in his death, resurrection, and ascension, his works are foundation of our Faith. Given that he himself taught us to read all of Scripture as concerning himself, we feel this is a very important series for people to hear. 

You can find all of the sermons together
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9-9-2018 ~ Jesus: Who? Part I of V PDF, Sermon Audio

9-16-2018 ~ Jesus: What? Part II of V PDF, Sermon Audio

9-30-2018 ~ Jesus: Where? Part III of V PDF, Sermon Audio

10-7-2018 ~ Jesus: When? Part IV of V PDF, Sermon Audio

10-21-2018 ~ Jesus: Why? Part V of V PDF, Sermon Audio