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Reformed Baptist Church of Northern Colorado

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About Reformed Baptist Church of Northern Colorado

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Welcome! Let's begin with a brief history of our church.

RBCNC began as a small house church in the winter of 2001. Having been sent out by our brothers and sisters at Harvest Baptist Church, we first met in the house of Peter and Joyce Van Dorn. For three years we met in the country, until a small church in Longmont Colorado came up for rent. We were growing far too big for the house, so we all agreed to move into town. Four years later, an opportunity arose for us to move locations again, this time renting from the Rivendell College, a school were student at the University of Colorado at Boulder could take Christian electives for credit. Unfortunately, the school ran into some hard times and three years later they had to sell the old Bethany Baptist Church building in south Boulder. Having a unique history with our sending church, we began renting from our old friends, thereby sharing space with Harvest Baptist where we have been since 2011. 2018 is our 17th year as a church. Pastor Doug Van Dorn has been the pastor since its inception. 

RBCNC identifies itself as a Confessional, Christ-centered, Gospel driven Reformed Baptist congregation. "Reformed" is a word that gets thrown around a lot today. By it we mean that we are rooted in the theology of the Reformation regarding salvation (especially the so-called Solas: by faith alone, through grace alone, because of Christ alone), that we are covenantal in our reading of Scripture (God's word is a basic unity, with particular emphasis on the work of Jesus Christ), and that we hold to the principle that the Bible alone has the right to tell us how to worship God (the Regulative Principle of Worship). We have Reformed worship with expository preaching and weekly communion. Seeing and speaking about our Savior, Christ in all of Scripture, as well as our worship together are things we particularly delight in. 

We are also Baptistic in our form of church government and our views of baptism. 

We believe all of this is expressed faithfully by our historic Confession of Faith (the London Baptist Confession of Faith of 1689). We hold this confession substantially, meaning that we hold to the doctrines expressed in each chapter, yet with liberty and charity over minor matters of wording, application, and nuance not essential to those doctrines as a whole. We are charter members of Reformed Baptist Network, a confessional association of churches whose mission is "To glorify God through cooperation in fulfilling the Great Commission to the ends of the earth."

Below you will find links to various aspects of what we believe and who who we are as a church. 

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