Reformed Baptist Church
of Northern Colorado

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Who we are

Historically, Baptists have been Calvinistic and Reformed in their theology. The last half of the 19th century saw a great departure among the Baptists from their historical theological roots towards a more man-centered, humanistic belief and practice. This was due to German rationalism and a widespread Arminian theology. Not all departed. A few remained faithful and prayed for the day when the whole counsel of God would again be believed and proclaimed in all churches, especially Baptist churches. During the first and middle parts of the 20th century, the Lord God was pleased to turn the hearts of some godly men back to the biblical and theological foundations of our forefathers. They wrote extensively, challenged church leaders and laymen alike, and prayed. This gave rise to the modern Reformed Baptist movement.

Reformed Baptists have deep roots going all the way back to the Protestant Reformation and, in some instances, have connections predating the Reformation. Reformed Baptist Church of Northern Colorado is a part of this movement. We are formally associated with Reformed Baptist churches in the United States, and all over the world. The local church is central in carrying out God's redemptive purposes. Therefore, no outside hierarchy has any control over the congregation. The governing power rests with Reformed's Elders under the government and rule of the Holy Scriptures as the Holy Spirit directs.