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Christian Liberty or Liberty of Conscience

One thing we believe is that all churches and denominations are imperfect. Each has strengths and weaknesses. Legalism (an d antinomianism) is one of the weaknesses that has plagued many of them. It is something that has to be consciously fought against week in and week out.

RBCNC believes it is vital, especially in a church that takes seriously the fact that though there are some things like the Ten Commandments that we do not have liberty to break, there are many other areas of conscience that people disagree over. We try very hard not to major on minors nor to give secondary issues primary spotlight in our church. Though we are not afraid to teach on these many subjects, we do not believe anyone has (including the local church or its leadership) the right to impose unbiblical taboos upon God's people. Christian Liberty is the chief appendage of our justification and without it, Christians end up right back in the bondage Jesus set us free from. 

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