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A Confessional Church

RBCNC is a Confessional Church. This means that our statement of faith is larger than many Evangelical churches. Confessions of Faith stem from the Protestant Reformation and were a means by which the people would be unified in a robust Faith that majors on essentials such as the early church creeds with their doctrines of God and the Trinity, while also diving into important matters that make the denomination distinctive, yet still orthodox and Christian.

Our church subscribes to the 1689 Confession of Faith, a modification of the Westminster Confession of Faith for Baptists. Our Elders and Deacons subscribe to "substantial" confessionalism, holding to the doctrines expressed in each chapter, yet with liberty and charity over minor matters of wording, application, and nuance not essential to those doctrines as a whole. We hold (with the Confession itself) that Scripture is above the Confession and that it is a man-made document, capable of error, but which is a good expression of what we believe the Bible teaches. (click image below for a link to the Confession)

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