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Sermons on Daniel

This series on Daniel consists of 15 sermons preached between August and November, 2020. 2020 brought to the surface great fear and expectation. People were especially asking questions about the end of days. Of course, that's nothing new. Does Daniel have anything to tell us about this? That's one of many questions we explore in this study.

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8-23-2020. Dan 1 ~ Dare to Understand Daniel PDF, Sermon Audio

8-30-2020 Dan 2:1-28a ~ Daniel, Joseph, and Jesus: Typology in Daniel 2 PDF, Sermon Audio

9-6-2020 Dan 2:28-49 ~ Dream of the Latter Days: Nebuchadnezzar's Statue PDF, SerAud

9-13-2020 Dan 3 ~ Confessing the Father in the Face of Death PDF, Sermon Audio

9-20-2020 Dan 4 ~ God's Sovereignty and a King'd Humility PDF, Sermon Audio

9-28-2020 Dan 5 ~ The Fall of Babel-On PDF, Sermon Audio

10-4-2020 Dan 6 ~ Jesus and the Lion's Den PDF, Sermon Audio

10-11-2020 Dan 7:1-14 ~ The God's vs. the Son of Man PDF, Sermon Audio

10-18-2020 Dan 7:15-28 ~ The Beastly History and the Son of Man PDF, Sermon Audio

10-25-2020 Dan 8 ~ A Vision by the River PDF, Sermon Audio

11-1-2020 Dan 9 ~ Prayer to God in the Valley of Vision PDF, Sermon Audio

11-8-2020 Dan 9:24-27 ~ Antichrist or Jesus Christ? PDF, Sermon Audio

11-15-2020 Dan 10 ~ The Great Cosmic War PDF, Sermon Audio

11-22-2020 Dan 11 ~ The Culmination of All Things PDF, Sermon Audio

11-29-2020 Dan 12 ~ The Glorious Hope: the Resurrection to Eternal Life PDF, Sermon Audio