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Sermons on John

These sermons were preached in October 2011-August 2013. John is a remarkable book. As I began working through it, it became all the more remarkable to be, especially in its deeply rooted OT history of the Word of God who became flesh. You can find all of the sermons together in audio format here. To report a bad link or a typo (if you feel so inclined and which is appreciated) click here.
John 1:1 ~ The Word of God PDF, Sermon Audio
John 1:1-5 ~ The Life and Light of God PDF, Sermon Audio
John 1:1-18 ~ Four Nights and One Day PDF, Sermon Audio
John 1:9-13 ~ Believing in the Name PDF, Sermon Audio
John 1:14-18 ~ Seeing the Glory of God PDF, Sermon Audio
John 1:19-28 ~ Day 1: The New Creation PDF, Sermon Audio

John 1:29-34 ~ Day 2: Rising out of the Waters PDF, Sermon Audio

John 1:35-50 ~ Days 3-6: Filling the Earth, Calling New Disciples PDF, Sermon Audio
John 1:51 ~ New Creation Excursion: Linking Heaven and Earth PDF, Sermon Audio
John 2:1-11 ~ Day 7: The Water Blushed ~ John 2:1-11 PDF, Sermon Audio
John 2:12-25 ~ The Final Temple PDF, Sermon Audio
John 3:1-15 ~ The Greatest Question Never Asked PDF, Sermon Audio
John 3:16 ~ 3:16: God's Love for the World PDF, Sermon Audio
John 3:14-21 ~ Why We Need Atonement PDF, Sermon Audio
John 3:22-36 ~ Our Baptismal Confession PDF, Sermon Audio
John 4:1-15 ~ The Real Thirst Quencher PDF, Sermon Audio
PDF, Sermon Audio
PDF, Sermon Audio

Stand Alone Sermons

Condemnation through Commandments or Comfort from Christ: The Law/Gospel Distinction Made Plain ~ John 1:17 (preached in May 2005) PDF, Sermon Audio
Who, Not How and Where ~ John 1:51 and Genesis 28:10-22 (preached by Sean Kielian Oct 2013) PDF, Sermon Audio