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Sermons on Jude

Sermons on Jude

These sermons were preached in November-December of 2008. It was in preaching through Jude and 2 Peter that my mind was opened to the supernatural and Christ in the OT in ways that would transform my preaching in the future. You can find all of the sermons together here. To report a bad link or a typo (if you feel so inclined and which is appreciated) click here.

Jude 1-3 Hey Jude PDF, Sermon Audio

Jude 4-8 I Feel Fine PDF, Sermon Audio

Jude 9-16 Devil in Her Heart PDF, Sermon Audio

Jude 17-23 Tomorrow Never Knows PDF, Sermon Audio

Jude 24-25 All We Need Is Love? PDF, Sermon Audio

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