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Sermons on Mark

These sermons were preached between March 2011 - September of 2012 in our church plant (which unfortunately did not survive) by Sean Kielian, Elder at RBCNC. It was Sean's first series of sermons through a book. The Lord used him, and Sean grew tremendously in his preaching. You can find all of the sermons together here. To report a bad link or a typo (if you feel so inclined and which is appreciated) click here.

Heavenly Bread on Water ~ Mark 6:45-52 PDF, Sermon Audio

Legalists and Stage Actors ~ Mark 6:53-7:13 PDF,, Sermon Audio

Total Depravity: Inside Out ~ Mark 7:14-23 PDF, Sermon Audio
The Dogs ~ Mark 7:24-30 PDF, Sermon Audio
Deja Who? ~ Mark 8:1-21 PDF, Sermon Audio

God's Compassion for Sinners ~ Mark 7:31-37 PDF, Sermon Audio

The Eye Exam of the Heart ~ Mark 8:22-30 PDF, Sermon Audio

The Things of God ~ Mark 8:31-33 PDF, Sermon Audio

The Cost of Living ~ Mark 8:34-38 PDF, Sermon Audio

Transfigured. Go Figure ~ Mark 9:1-8 PDF, Sermon Audio
The Old Man, The Messenger, The Baptist and the Morning Star ~ Mark 9:9-13 PDF, Sermon Audio

Unbelievable ~ Mark 9:14-29 PDF, Sermon Audio

Love and Marriage, or Divorce Of Course?
Kids, Coins, and Salvation

Blind Bart and the One Eyed Disciple

The Judgmental Entry
Fruitless Resolutions
The Particular God
The True Gospel & the Health and Wealth by Stealth Gospel
You Can't Handle The Truth
The Tenants, the Tower, and the Time
Little Caesars
Sad You See?
The Greatest Law, the Greatest Love
The Hypostatic Union: An April Fool's Day Riddle
Swindling and Dwindling or True and False Religion Examined
Last Days Part I: When and Where?

The Last Days Part II

Last Days Part IV: The Son Enthroned
The Last Days Part V: Not When He Will Return But Where Are You?
Waste It Was Not
Is It I?
Passing Over vs. Passing By: The New Covenant
The Rooster and the Garden
The Kangaroo Court
And They Crucified Him...