Sermons on Matthew

These sermons were preached in from July 2006 - November 2008. It was our first series in one of the Gospels. Matthew is perhaps the most overly Jewish (OT) of all the Gospels, and he truly makes seeing Christ in all of Scripture come to life. You can find all of the sermons together here. To report a bad link or a typo (if you feel so inclined and which is appreciated) click here.
Matt 1:1-17 ~ Abraham's Seed PDF, Sermon Audio
Matt 1:18-25 ~ Masterly Conceived: Conception of the Master PDF, Sermon Audio
Matt 2:1-15 ~ The Star of Promise PDF, Sermon Audio
Matt 2:16-25 ~ Suffering, Wandering, Obscurity: Birth of the King  PDF, Sermon Audio
Matt 2:18 ~ Rachel's Tears PDF, Sermon Audio
Matt 3 ~ A Defense of Credobaptism from the Old Testament ~ Matthew 3 PDF, Sermon Audio
Matt 3 ~ Baptism: The Sign of the New Creation PDF, Sermon Audio
Matt 3:13-4:4 ~ A River Runs Through It PDF, Sermon Audio

Stand Alone Sermons

What's in a Name? ~ Matthew 1:18-25 (preached by Mason Staub, Elder) PDF, Sermon Audio