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Sermons on Four Ecumenical Creeds

This five week series explores the Old Roman Symbol, the Apostles' Creed, and the First and Second Nicene Creeds. It was preached from Oct - Nov 2022. 

The Creeds

10-23-2022 ~ The Creeds Part I: Introduction PDF, Sermon Audio

10-30-2022 ~ The Creeds Part II: I Believe in God the Father PDF, Sermon Audio

11-6-2022 ~ The Creeds Part III: And in Jesus Christ His Only Son Our Lord PDF, Sermon Audio

11-13-2022 ~ The Creeds Part IV: I Believe in the Holy Ghost PDF, Sermon Audio

11-20-2022 ~ The Creeds Part V: In One Holy Catholic Church and Life Everlasting PDF, Sermon Audio

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