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A few pictures of our recent dinner and  business meeting. It wasn't so dull, was it guys?

Who We Are: Distinctively Reformed and Baptistic

"Reformed" is a word that gets thrown around a lot today. By the word we mean that we are rooted in the theology of the Reformation regarding salvation (by faith alone, through grace alone, because of Christ alone), that we are covenantal in our reading of Scripture (God's word is a basic unity, with particular emphasis on the work of Jesus Christ), and that we hold to the principle that the Bible alone has the right to tell us how to worship God (the Regulative Principle of Worship). Seeing and speaking about our Savior, the Lord Jesus, in all of Scripture and our worship together is something we particularly delight in. But we are also Baptistic in our form of church government and our views of baptism. All of this is expressed in our belief that doctrine and theology matter to us, such that we are a confessional church which holds to the London Baptist Confession of Faith. Our church is in the process of becoming charter members of the Reformed Baptist Network, a confessional association of churches whose mission is "To glorify God through cooperation in fulfilling the Great Commission to the ends of the earth." 

When We Meet

We are currently sharing facilities with Harvest Baptist Church and our Sunday service times are as follows:

Morning Worship: 8:45 AM *

Sunday School: 10:45 AM **

Sack Lunch Sunday: after church (first and third Sundays of the month, singing and teaching)

* Nursery is provided

** We have Sunday School classes for children of all ages.

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Current Things at RBCNC
  • Where We Meet
    Where We Meet
  • Current Sermon Series
    Current Sermon Series
  • Men's Study on the Unseen Realm (Pinocchios restaurant, hwy 52 exit and I-25, 7:45 am, first and third Saturday)
    Men's Study on the Unseen Realm (Pinocchios restaurant, hwy 52 exit and I-25, 7:45 am, first and third Saturday)
Where We Meet
Where We Meet
To easily check out our radio program "Journey's End," our sermons, our Confession of Faith, or our Association of churches -- click the pictures below.