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Current Series Page 


Our current sermon series is the book of Revelation. Having just completed Daniel, this NT parallel seemed like the obvious thing to go through. 2020 isn't getting any better, but this is no newspaper eschatology reading of this book. We need encouragement about our King who has already conquered, who is conquering, and who will conquer all his enemies. The book is being approached in a rather unique way, that is by looking at the stunning parallels between Revelation and the Gospel of John. In some ways, they are twin volumes. 


Our current Sunday School class is going through the Unseen Realm (beginning Dec 13, 2020). Due to covid, we are having one large class which combines all age groups except nursery. We will be going through Dr. Michael Heiser's book as well as using pastor Van Dorn's Q & A Companion as a supplemental series. We hope this series will compliment the sermon series on Revelation. 

Middle School and High School Sunday School

The older kids are going through Open My Eyes, a study for youth on studying the Bible from Desiring God Ministries.

Elementary School

The kids are doing a basic survey of the Old Testament, focusing especially on Genesis through Judges. 


Our little children are on a program that takes them through the entire Bible. They also memorize verses and catechism.