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Current Series Page 


Our Current Sermon Series is the book of Daniel. With the crazy year that is 2020, many are asking whether we are in the end times, the Tribulation, is the Antichrist here, is Jesus coming back soon? We will look at this book considering its original context and not newspaper eschatology. That's the only way to truly find whatever answers to these questions there may be. The study began August 23, 2020.


Our adult Sunday School class will be be unusual for us, but hey, 2020 is quite unusual. It is a civics class taught by Christians. The goal is not to confuse the church and the state, but to learn better what it means to be Christians in a Constitutional Republic. That means we have to understand our Constitutional Republic. The class is in some ways a complement to the things Daniel and his three friends had to undergo. 

Middle School and High School Sunday School

The older kids are going through Open My Eyes, a study for youth on studying the Bible from Desiring God Ministries.

Elementary School

The kids are doing a basic survey of the Old Testament, focusing especially on Genesis through Judges. 


Our little children are on a program that takes them through the entire Bible. They also memorize verses and catechism.