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Sermons on Psalms

Sermons on Psalms

This series in the Psalms began in September 2016 and ended in August 2018. It was a fantastic study, especially learning to read the Psalms as a book as opposed to 150 isolated songs. The unity of the Psalter and how the entire thing points to the Lord Jesus Christ who is truly the Singer of the Psalms is all the reward we need when coming to this marvelous book.

You can find all of the sermons in audio form here. To report a bad link or a typo (if you feel so inclined and which is appreciated) click here.



Psalm 1 & 2 ~ Happy is the Man PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 2 ~ The Inheritance of Messiah PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 3 & 4 ~ Rest in Peace PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 5 & 6 ~ Morning and Evening PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 7 ~ Dealing with Wicked Rulers PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 8 ~ What is Man? PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 9 & 10 ~ Wicked Chaos, Godly Order PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 11 & 12 ~ Morse's Code PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 13 ~ How Long PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 14-16 ~ The Great Transformation PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 17 ~ Beholding the Face of God PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 18 ~ The Dragon King and the Rivers of Belial PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 19 ~ Revelation PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 20 & 21 ~ Trust in the Name PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 22 ~ The Great Psalm of Messiah PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 23 ~ Jesus is My Shepherd PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 24 ~ Lift Up Your Heads, O Gates! PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 25 ~ Learning to Fly: A Song Teaching Us to Learn How to Pray PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 26-28 ~ The House of the LORD PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 29 ~ Enthroned as King Forever PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 30 ~ True Prosperity: A Hanukkah Prayer of Dedication PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 31 ~ A Psalm of Extreme Fear PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 32-34 ~ Psalm Beatitudes PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 35 ~ Oh, The Imprecations PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 36-37 ~ Two Ways PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 38-39 ~ Sorrow, Trouble, and Woe PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 40-41 ~ Rosebud PDFSermon Audio



Psalm 42-43 ~ When Deep Calls to Deep: Resurrection and the Deer PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 44 ~ Israel and Her King: Like Sheep to be Slaughtered PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 45-46 ~ The King and His Bride PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 46-48 ~ The King of Heaven PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 49 ~ Dark Riddles: Riches, Death, and the Grave PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 50 ~ Mark This PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 51 ~ Getting God Right PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 52-55 ~ God's Gonna Cut 'Em Down, So He Might Show Mercy PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 56-57 ~ Responding Rightly to Terror PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 58-60 ~ God: Judge of All the Earth PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 61-64 ~ War of Words and the Search for Refuge PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 65-67 ~ Praise and Thanksgiving PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 68 ~ God of Our Salvation PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 69 ~ A Whale of a Story or Consider the Lilies PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 70-71 ~ Old Man PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 72 ~ Long Live The King PDFSermon Audio


Book III

Psalm 73 ~ My Feet Had Almost Stumbled PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 74-76 ~ To Judge the Living and the Dead PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 77-78 ~ History Lessons PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 79-81 ~ Oh God, the Nations PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 82 ~ The Gods of the Nations or God Stands in the Divine Council PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 83 ~ God Over the Nations PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 84 ~ Better One Day in Your Courts PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 84-86 ~ Back to the Beginning PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 87-88 ~ Glorious Things: Springs of Life in the Torrents of Death PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 89 ~ The Covenant with David PDFSermon Audio


Book IV

Psalm 90-92 ~ The Great Prophet Speaks Again PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 93-94 ~ The Great King Part I PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 95 ~ The Great King Part I: Worship and Warning PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 96-99 ~ The Great King Part III: The First and Second Comings PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 100 ~ The Old Hundredth PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 101-103 ~ Because Yahweh is King PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 104 ~ King of Creation PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 105-106 ~ King of History PDFSermon Audio


Book V

Psalm 107 ~ God of the Future PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 108-109 ~ The King Speaks Part I: The Right Hand of God PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 110 ~ The King Speaks Part II: The Great War & Victory of Messiah PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 111-112 ~ Mirror, Mirror PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 113-114 ~ And After Singing A Hymn (Part I) PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 115-116 ~ And After Singing A Hymn (Part II: Trusting in the Name) PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 117-118 ~ And After Singing A Hymn (Part III: Christ's Mission) PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 119 ~ Meditations on The Word and The Last Day of our LORD PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 120-121 ~ From Where Does My Help Come? PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 122-123 ~ The Peace of Jerusalem PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 124-125 ~ Whose Side Are You On? PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 126-127 ~ Unless the LORD Builds the House PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 128-129 ~ The Remnant of Jerusalem PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 130-131 ~ O Church, Hope in the LORD PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 132 ~ Lost and Found PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 133-134 ~ When Brothers Dwell in Unity PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 135 ~ Mosaic PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 136 ~ Then and Now: God's Steadfast Love Forever PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 137 ~ By the Rivers: Lamentation and Remembering PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 138 ~ Worshiping God in a Pagan World PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 139 ~ The Hound of Heaven PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 140-141 ~ Antidote to Viper Poison PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 142-143 ~ Get out of Jail Free PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 144 ~ The Return of the King PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 145 ~ The Coming Kingdom PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 146-147 ~ Praise Him: Me and You PDFSermon Audio

Psalm 148-149 ~ Praise Him: Common and Special PDF,  Sermon Audio

Psalm 150 ~ Victory! or Praise Him: All Creatures PDFSermon Audio


Stand Alone Sermons

4-18-2007. Psalm 16:10 ~ Truth Decay: Not See Decay PDF, Sermon Audio

Psalm 14-16 ~ Christ in the Psalms (preached at Community Baptist Church in Fargo, ND on 3-4-12) Sermon Audio

6-30-3002. Psalm 22:11-26 ~ True Worshiper Sermon Audio

8-24-2008. Psalm 23, Matthew 26 ~ Why Psalm 23 is the Greatest Lyric in the World Sermon Audio

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