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Sermons on Revelation

The current sermon series is on the book of Revelation. It began in December, 2020. The main reasons for doing the book were all the craziness of 2020, but also we had just finished the book of Daniel in the previous month. It seemed only natural to continue Daniel with its parallel apocalyptic book: Revelation. This series will explore the book book from a unique vantage point which is the stunning parallels it has with the Gospel of John. 

Prior to December, 2020, we had only had single sermons preached on Revelation. Some of these are also linked below the current series.

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Sermon Series on Revelation

12-6-2020 Rev 1:1-3 ~ The Apocalypse of Jesus Christ: An Introduction PDF, Sermon Audio

12-13-2020 Rev 1:1-20 ~ Of All The Books: The Revelation fo Jesus Christ PDF, Sermon Audio

12-20-2020 Rev 2-3 ~ Prepare for Holy War (A Flyover of the 7 Churches PDF, Sermon Audio

1-3-2021 ~ Rev 2:1-7; 3:14-22 ~ Wanderings Stars Part I: Ephesus/Laodicea PDF, Sermon Audio

1-10-2021 ~ Rev 2:8-11; 3:7-13 ~ Wandering Stars (II): Smyrna/Philadelphia PDF, Sermon Audio

1-17-2021 ~ Rev 2:12-17; ; 3:1-6 ~ Wandering Stars (III): Pergamum/Sardis PDF, Sermon Audio

1-24-2021 ~ Rev 2:18-29 ~ Wandering Stars (IV): Thyatira PDF, Sermon Audio

1-31-2021 ~ Rev 4:1-8a ~ Through the Door of Heaven PDF, Sermon Audio


Stand Alone Sermons

3-23-2008 Rev 15:2-4 ~ Resurrection and Worship Sermon Audio

12-15-2016 Rev 12 ~ The Song of the Saints Sermon Audio